Welcome! I am so glad you came to visit.

This little shop is home to products that have been gathered and created by a fellow warrior!

My husband and I are Warriors, we are 1:8.  We endured many rounds of IVF, surgeries, canceled cycles, over stimulation, sadness, loss and grief and after 5 years we were blessed with our b/g twins. 

As a IVF warrior I remember how important it was to have special socks on retrieval day, a funny shirt for transfer day, all things pineapple, crystals for positive energy, saints for prayer and spiritual guidance, notebooks galore and just little Knick knacks to remind me that I could do hard S#it! I don't know the exact science behind these feel good items, but I do know that they helped me through those hard times. 

When I started my business I knew I needed to provide a place for fellow warriors, or family and friends of warriors to come and shop and gather the essentials to guide them through.

I hope you find something that speaks to you and will provide you support and a sense of calm on your journey to parenthood!