Mom in the Making- Mystery Box Pre-Order

Mom in the Making- Mystery Box Pre-Order

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Did you know the Sunday before Mother's day has been identified as National Infertility Survival Day? This day is part of the National Day Calendar and is a day to remember and celebrate those who may be struggling with infertility. 

Holidays that are centered around parenthood can be incredibly difficult for those who are trying to start a family, or even grow their family. National Infertility Survival Day is a day to "celebrate" those women who are fighting everyday to make their dreams come true. These women deserve some extra love and support too! 

This day is celebrated in hopes that women and couples enduring the same struggles speak openly about their journey to bring awareness to the fight. But also to share, bond, and form friendships around the struggle. 

My husband and I struggled with infertility for several years. I remember the somberness of this Mother's Day for several years. I never once not wanted to celebrate my mom, sister, or the other amazing women in my life. But it didn't come with out sadness or grief and was often physically and emotionally draining.  

That being said, I wanted to create a gift box for those MIM's (Mama in the making) If you have a loved one, a wife, sister, friend, a complete stranger that you know is battling infertility. If you know someone who have suffered in the past and would like to just remind them that they are strong, worthy, and a WARRIOR; then this gift box is for you! 

This gift box has been dreamt up with the hopes of bringing a smile her face and reminding her that she is strong, tough & loved!! 

I know Mystery Boxes can be scary, not knowing what your going to get. But I promise you It will be perfect. I will be handmaking some items & personally picking out other pieces from other small businesses to make up the contents of the gift box.

**if ordering after 4/3/22 please allow 15 business days for shipping or pick up notification.**